Essay Writing Steps

Essay is considered to be one of the hardest things to write, and, certainly, you should take into consideration a lot of peculiar matters before starting your work. And one of the most important moments in writing an essay is understanding of the seriousness of the task and choosing the right approach that will help to manage with your task and thereby create a properly organized essay, having the right structure and well-grounded thoughts.

Main problems

Any essay, any task implies certain difficulties that may overwhelm learners. They sometimes tend to complicate the process and in the result find themselves stuck in work. Failing to organize their ideas, such learners are held up by the heaps of thoughts, which are hard to intermix into one readable essay. On contrary, there are also a lot of people, who dont bother with this work. According to their point of view, writing an essay is rather simple thing and it is not essential to go into details, but soon they appear to be lost in this process and in this situation the problem of ideas organization is also arisen. So, in order to overcome all obstacles while writing an essay you should follow several steps, so-called basic principles of good essay, which will be effective for you in coping with your work. If you will follow these steps, writing an essay wont be a great struggle later.

Study the topic

Firstly you should analyze the theme or title, which is given for research. Ask yourself such questions: What should I write about?While thinking about topic, you may consult the books or internet for necessary information, but you dont have to exclude your own thoughts, because your conclusions, your independent point of view is fundamental in any essay. Dont be embarrassed by showing your thoughts, but in any case, back up your arguments by evidence and be sure that your points are valid and well-grounded.

Create your writing plan

After the above stage of preparation you can also write short notes about what you think of the subject. Add several facts and examples to support your arguments which will be included into essay. Think about the alternative version of the opinion and compare it with others. Summarize all items and organize them into a plan that should consist from three sections, essential in structuring your essay: introduction, body and conclusion. The main question of the topic will be disclosed in the body of the essay.

Write the Introduction

Introduction is the part of the essay, where you introduce your topic to reader, where you actually begin the essay. Here you should emphasize what you are about to discuss. Explain clearly your goals and objects. Introduction should also hold the readers attention, so your work is to define the tone of the paper and make it worth reading. It sets the stage for the rest of your arguments, so the reader should understand your initial ideas and tasks.

Write the Essay Body

Here you lay out your research in a logical and linear way. You should form several paragraphs, where you will present all main points, focus the readers attention on the principal idea. Notice, that your assumptions should be clear and not contradict each other. Represent your ideas and arguments, supporting them by evidence and examples. Be clear and self-confident, because there is no place for ambiguity of thoughts and doubts in essay.

Write the Conclusion

The last and the crucial part of your paper is conclusion. Remember, that you should make it memorable and dont give new information to the reader. Unite all your ideas and arguments that were set forth in the essay and demonstrate the reader the whole point of the topic. By means of referring to key elements, write down the result of your work and show whether the goals were achieved or not. You can also paraphrase the original statement and include some prediction or points for further investigation of the view presented in the essay.


In addition it is rather important to outline such factor as proofreading. In considerable cases, this part is often omitted, because learners do not understand its significance. Its goal is to check the order of the paragraphs, structure of the sentences, spelling, grammar, punctuation and word choice. Of course this process can take longtime, but in the result it will definitely improve your essay.

Following this tips, you will succeed in writing your paper with ease. Being able to organize your thoughts, to structure them, you wont be intimidated by this task and each time your skills will be mastered. As often as you will experience such task, your mastery will grow; your thoughts will be more concise and clear. In any way, dont be afraid of difficulties, be aware of these tips and you will definitely make a success.